What is a Stash Box?

A stash box is a customizable multi-purpose container primarily used for storing weed and associated accessories.

It's an all-in-one storage solution that maintains your herbs' freshness while also serving as a safe place for your smoking gear[2].

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The Essentials: Must-Have Stash Box Accessories

To fully optimize your stash box, you should consider incorporating several vital items:

  • Herb Containers: The foundational element of your stash box should be compartments for your herbs or tobacco. Ceramic or metal jars are ideal, as they are designed to safeguard your herbs and ensure their freshness[5].

  • Lighter: A trustworthy lighter is non-negotiable. It's one of those small, essential items that tend to disappear when needed most. By storing a lighter in your stash box, you're always equipped for a satisfying smoking session[5].

  • Grinder: A top-tier grinder is an indispensable addition to your stash box. It enables you to finely grind your herbs, simplifying their use, especially when using smaller pipes. Choosing a heavy-duty design promises durability[5].

    Accessories for Stash box

  • Smoking Papers: A stash box is incomplete without a substantial supply of smoking papers. As these often get misplaced, keeping them secure in your stash box ensures you're never caught off-guard[5].

  • Poker Tool: If you're earnest about your stash box, investing in a dedicated poking tool is wise. Having a poker in your box eliminates the last-minute scramble for a makeshift tool[5].

  • Pipe: Lastly, a stash box wouldn't feel complete without a pipe. Housing a pipe in your box guarantees a reliable delivery method for your preferred form of smoke[5].

    Stash box Magnifier

  • Magnifier: How else can we admire and adore the precious strains. Lokkboxx stash box comes with a magnifier card.

  • Pollen Crusher: Used to convert your keef from your grinder into a pill shaped disc. Ensures zero waste of you valuable kief and ease of transporting the keef around.

Stash box accessories

Additional Accessories: Enhance Your Stash Box

Now, if you want to take your stash box to the next level, consider adding these extra accessories:

Odor Control Packs

To keep your stash box fresh, consider adding odor control packs. They help in maintaining a pleasant smell and the right humidity level inside your box[5].

Eye Drops and Throat Spray

For those who experience dry eyes or dry mouth after smoking, having a small vial of eye drops or a herbal throat spray can be a lifesaver[5].

Ashtray for your stash box

Portable Ashtray

Adding a portable ashtray to your stash box can provide an easy cleanup solution after a smoking session[5].

Choosing the Right Stash Box

Choosing the right stash box is crucial to meet your needs. You can find various options ranging from simple wooden boxes to high-end boxes like the odor-resistant stash box by CLOUD/TEN, which ensures your marijuana remains intact no matter where you store it[4, 6].

Custom Stash box

Creating Your Own Stash Box

Supplies Needed

If you prefer a DIY approach, you can make your own stash box. You'll need a cardboard box big enough for your items, duct tape, and a marker[8].

Steps to Make Your Stash Box

  1. Take your cardboard box and secure all corners and edges using duct tape.

  2. Use a marker to label the box and each section inside it.

  3. Customize it to your liking and start placing your accessories.


A well-organized and equipped stash box is the perfect companion for every smoking enthusiast.

From essentials like herb containers and lighters to extras like odor control packs and portable ashtrays, curating your stash box ensures a great smoking experience. Whether you decide to buy a premade one or make your own, the choice is entirely yours!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is a stash box? - A stash box is a customizable container primarily used for storing weed and associated accessories.

  2. What are the essential accessories for a stash box? - Essential accessories include herb containers, a lighter, a grinder, smoking papers, a poker tool, and a pipe.

  3. What additional accessories can enhance a stash box? - Additional accessories include odor control packs, eye drops, throat spray, and a portable ashtray.

  4. Can I make my own stash box? - Yes, you can create your own stash box using items like a cardboard box, duct tape, and a marker.

  5. Where can I buy a high-end stash box? - High-end stash boxes can be found in various online stores, like LokkBoxx 

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