LOKKBOXX Sponsors Cannabis Events! 

Do you need a donation for a raffle, or any similar events at your Cannabis Awards/ Expo/ Exhibition? We can provide LOKKBOXX! 

Since the legalization movement, we felt stashing away cannabis needed to be re-framed. Celebrating through showcasing and education of a stash-rarium was the better stance forward. Most seemed like throwbacks to an earlier era, focused on locking something illicit away.

We provide: LOKKBOXX 

You provide:

  1. Display it during the event with our postcard-sized flyers until giving it away.
  2. Provide us with images of the event coverage and some with LOKKBOXX. (3-5 images)

We are open to any other ideas or requests. And always open to working on any other possibilities. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. 

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