As the cannabis industry continues to grow, more and more states in the US are legalizing both medicinal and recreational use.

However, there are still some states that have yet to join this trend. In this blog post, we'll explore the states that have yet to legalize cannabis and discuss the potential impact of legalization in these areas. [1]


Map of the USA

States That Have Yet to Legalize Cannabis

Here are the states that have yet to legalize cannabis for either medicinal or recreational use:

The Potential Benefits of Cannabis Legalization

There are numerous potential benefits of cannabis legalization, including:

  • Increased tax revenue for states
  • Job creation in the cannabis industry
  • Reduced criminalization of cannabis users
  • Access to safe and regulated cannabis products for medical use
  • A potential decrease in opioid use and overdoses
  • Social justice reforms to address racial disparities in drug enforcement

The Path Forward for Cannabis Legalization

While there are still many states that have yet to legalize cannabis, the tide is turning in favor of legalization. As public opinion continues to shift and more states legalize cannabis, those that have yet to do so may face increasing pressure to follow suit.

Efforts are also being made at the federal level to decriminalize cannabis and remove it from the list of controlled substances. In 2021, the House of

Representatives passed the MORE Act, which would remove cannabis from the list of controlled substances and expunge the records of those with cannabis-related offenses.

While the bill still needs to be passed by the Senate and signed into law by the president, it represents a significant step forward for cannabis legalization at the federal level.


The future of cannabis legalization in the US is bright, and the potential benefits for consumers and the industry as a whole are immense.While there are still many states that have yet to legalize cannabis, the momentum is on the side of legalization.

As more states legalize cannabis and the federal government potentially shifts its stance, it's possible that we could see full legalization across the country in the coming years.

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