Harlequin is a unique sativa-dominant strain of marijuana that has gained popularity for its high CBD content and low THC levels.

Known for its ability to provide clear-headed effects and enable relaxation without sedation or intoxication, Harlequin has earned its place in the pantheon of highly sought-after cannabis strains [1].

Origin and Genetics

This strain has an interesting lineage that includes Colombian Gold, a Nepali indica, and Thai and Swiss landrace strains.

This exotic mix of genetics has resulted in a strain that consistently expresses high levels of CBD, making Harlequin a preferred choice for many cannabis connoisseurs [3, 5].

Aroma Profiles

Phenotype and Flavor Profile


Harlequin presents visually appealing buds, which are typically covered with a rich layer of trichomes. The vibrant green color is interspersed with orange pistils, creating a visually appealing contrast that adds to the allure of this unique strain.


As soon as the Harlequin buds are broken apart, you'll be greeted with a rich and complex aroma. The scent is an intriguing blend of earthy musk and sweet mango, underscored by a hint of pine that lends it a fresh, invigorating feel.


The flavor profile of Harlequin is as distinct as its aroma. When consumed, users often describe a sweet and tropical flavor, reminiscent of mango and citrus fruits.

This is complemented by a subtle earthy undertone that creates a well-rounded and enjoyable tasting experience.

Different Colored buds

Effects and Medical Uses

Positive Effects

Harlequin's most notable feature is its ability to provide a relaxing experience without the accompanying sedation or intoxication that's commonly associated with high-THC strains.

Its effects are clear-headed and calming, making it an excellent choice for those seeking to unwind or focus [1].

Potential Negatives

While Harlequin is generally well-tolerated, as with any cannabis strain, some individuals may experience dry mouth or eyes. It's always important to consume responsibly and stay hydrated.

Therapeutic Benefits

Given its high CBD content, Harlequin has proven to be particularly beneficial in addressing a variety of medical concerns.

It has been reported to help with pain, anxiety, and stress, making it a preferred choice for individuals seeking therapeutic relief [2].

Buds in glass jar

Strength and High

Despite its low THC content, the impact of Harlequin should not be underestimated.

Its potency lies in its CBD-rich composition, which can provide a soothing and uplifting experience without the heavy psychoactive effects typically associated with high-THC strains [1, 2].

Aroma Profiles in a jar


Harlequin is a versatile and unique cannabis strain that offers a wealth of benefits. Whether you're a recreational user seeking a clear-headed and calming experience, or a medical patient looking for relief from pain, anxiety, or stress, Harlequin delivers.

Its intriguing genetic lineage, appealing flavor profile, and reported therapeutic uses make it a standout in the world of cannabis.

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