quick start guide


Place LOKKBOXX on a clean and flat surface.

Remove the lid to locate the shipping foam wedged inside. Gently pull on the shipping foam to remove it.

Keep your shipping foam for future use when protection is required.

01. Hydrate

Soak 8-12 hydrobeads in distilled water for 24 hours. Each hydrobead should grow to approximately,
0.59 inch or 15mm in diameter.

Drain excess water.
(Don't forget to place battery into hygrometer!)

Place hydrated hydrobeads into water well.
Allow 24 hrs for humidity level to stablize.


Curate your cannabis collection with LOKKBOXX.

Each cup holds approximately, 3.5g of nuggets stacked-vertically or 1g of grounds.
Nuggets, grounds, joints or gummies are all welcomed.

03. organize

An assortment of labelling tools come with each LOKKBOXX.

Mark each strain using the silicone band and/or glass marker included.

Leafly color coding :
Orange-sativa, Green-hybrid, Purple-indica


Overtime each hydrobead dehydrates and shrink due to evaporation.

After shrinking by about 25% of its hydrated size, add 1-1.5 teaspoon (5-10ml) of water to rehydrtae them.

Full expansion of the hydrobeads will take place after about 4-6 hours.

05. Other tools Included


Pollen press

1. Collect kief from the bottom of grinder.

2. Place the collected kief between the two drums of the pollen press. Tighten the pollen press.

3. Place in freezer for about 24 hours, tightening every 8 hours through the process.

4. Your kief pill is ready for action!


Sillicone Bands

Included with each Lokkboxx is five of each strain color. (Colors used are based off Leafly's strain color assignment)

SATIVA - Orange

HYBRID - Green

INDICA - Purple



For writing and labelling your strains directly onto the bell glass. To remove writings, simply wipe with wet cloth/ tissue.


Magnifying card

The closer you look, the more beautiful the nuggets get. The hungrier my hippo becomes.

Have some zen-like observation time with our inlcuded magnifiying card.


Cleaning brushes

As much as we luv cannabis, it is no secret that gunk and waste will always need some taking care of.

Included are five cleaning brushes of varying sizes. Here to keep your smoking equipments clean and neat.



Used when tranfering your grounds from LOKKBOXX to a bong. Scoop those grounds... work those spatulas! Fingers are welcomed too.


Charcoal Filter

Included are two bags of charcoal filters.

The charcoal filters helps absorb the smell. Creating an odor-free stash box or zone within LOKKBOXX.

Additional tips


Pro - Variety

Whether you are a flower puffer, nugget smoker, grounds toker, joint stealer, or gummy addict... we got you covered.


Grounds from grinder

Transfering grounds to the cups can be a simple yet arduous task. Here are some of the ways we tackled this.

1. The folded paper pouring transfer.

2. Scooping from a ceramic bowl. Our personal favorite.

3. Using a spatula to directly transfer grounds to the PET cup.


Pedestal Mode

An importnat yet easily overlooked feature of Lokkboxx.

Use the cover as a pedestal. Double-deck Lokkboxx, to elevate it for a better view. Also makes transfering your herbs from LOKKBOXX to your bong easier.

The higher the better!