Wooden box

Cannabis DO NOT fair well under UV light.

Extended use in direct sun will also deteriorate the wood, PU Foam and your flowers in side. Wipe with a dry towel and lightly sand away any marks or dings with sandpaper (grit #320).


They are both hand-washable.

Gently rinse them with water. Mild non-abrasive soap can be used when rinsing. Dry fully before put them back in LOKKBOXX.



Type of water

Regulating humidity

The type of water used to hydrate the hydrobeads dictates the final humidity level within the chambers. From our test, the purer the distilled water used, the higher the rate of evaporation and humidity level. Tap water in San Francisco has been noted to provide about 55% humidity. While the premium distilled water tested get us up to 75% humidity.


Water when it needs

The preferred humidity level differs from person to person. From our tests in San Francisco, approximately 1.5 teaspoon of tap water per week will suffice.

Remember that humidity levels adjustments take about 24 hours before it starts to level out and read consistent.


Change every 6 month

For best performance, replace all your hydrobeads in the well after about 6 months of use.


Wipe down with a damp cloth regularly.

You can also use a brush to wipe away excess debries. You may also use a low powered vacuum for further cleaning and removal of hidden debries.