why lokkboxx

Keep your Flowers Fresh


Store your weed at the perfect humidity to maintain freshness, taste and potency.

Utilizing hydrobeads provides a convenient and cheaper way to manage humidity. Plus, no more need for expensive hydropacks that incur repeated costs.

We provide enough hydrobeads to last you approximately 2+ years.

Regulating Humidity

From one place

Humidity can be adjusted by simply adding or removing hydrobeads within the hydrobeads-well.

Increasing or decreasing the humidity further can be made with the choice of water. Please refer to the next slide for more info on adjusting humdity.

Changes to the humidity does not take effect immediately, but slowly across a 24 hour period. So please be patient when experimenting on your own.

Regulating Humidity

Type of water

The type of water used to hydrate the hydrobeads dictates the final humidity level within the chambers.

From our test, the purer the distilled water used, the higher the rate of evaporation and humidity level. Tap water in San Francisco has been noted to provide about 55% humidity. While the premium distilled water tested get us up to 75% humidity.

Changes to the humidity does not take effect immediately, but slowly across a 24 hour period. So please be patient when experimenting on your own.

The art of Curation

Finding the best Strains

Whether you get your weed from Dispensaries, Farms, or just cultivating from Home. Sourcing your preffered cannabis strains is an art of its own.

We here at Lokkboxx, strive to provide you the best experience in the process of curating your favorite cannabis strains.

Keep Track of your flowers

Prepping and storing

Cannabis Connoisseurs far and wide know that even the best weed loses their potency and taste over time.

One way of maintaining the strength of your weed is to store them well. With Lokkboxx, as your dedicated platform, storing those precious cannabis strains of yours, becomes an effortless task.

Included with every Lokkboxx, is a Pollen Press for creating your own kief pills. Also included is a grinder to make grounds.

recalling the best memories

Label your strains

Have you ever smoked a strain, that continues to be your greatest "High" story for the ages.

Now with Lokkboxx, your best strains can preserved, shared and ogled over with your closest buds.

We provide you with all the tools you would need to label and stare at your cannabis strains in the most effective and beautiful way possible.

See your terpenes better with the included Magnifying Card.

Why plate your Cannabis?

Presentation counts

While freshness and taste is important, food that is plated well improves its aesthetic appeal and overall tone of the restaurant.

Whether you are hosting a get together or selling to dispensaries, presentation counts. Set the tone with Lokkboxx, and present the stunning beauty of your new buds.

Lokkboxx, created to showcase your best Cannabis strains.

Sharing is Caring

Magnifier included

Curating your strains is only half as fun as sharing it with others.

Included with every Lokkboxx, is a magnifying card, to allow closer examination of those precious terpenes.

Recalling your best memories

with your buds

Enjoy your cannabis the way the grower intended. Lokkboxx protects and showcases your weed through the sculptural glass domes.

Keep them as fresh as the day your flower was harvested.